Seller Financing Option with 1-844-Exit-As-Is

Could you answer yes or maybe to some of these questions?

Do you have a lot of equity in your property?

Would you be interested in deferring your capital gains tax bill over time?

Are you tired of being a landlord, paying property taxes, fixing toilets, roofs, water heaters, and HVAC units?

Would you like a steady stream of income over time from a reputable and financially stable source?

Do you not need a lot of cash now?

Do you not want to pay the IRS a big lump sum of capital gains taxes?

If you answered yes to some or all of the questions above then you might be a great candidate for our Seller Financing Program

Seller Financing Benefits

Steady Income

No Tenant Hassles

No property tax payments

No Management Hassles

No Repair Costs

Deferred Capital Gains Taxes (Installment Sale Provision of the IRS Tax Code)

Security for your note on the property, We pay for the note service who collects our payments, pays, you and tracks the loan.

Recent Happy Seller Financing Deals Completed


Orangevale, CA

$125,000 Purchase Price

$5,000 down

$120,000 paid off over 20 years at 4.5% interest

Woodland, CA

$250,000 Purchase Price

$60,000 down

$190,000 over 125 months at $1520 per month

Vacaville, CA 

$220,000 Purchase Price

$20,000 Down

$200,000 over 20 years at 4% interest

Folsom, CA

$490,000 Purchase Price

$10,000 Down

$480,000 paid off over 240 months at $2,000 per month


Our Financial Backing

Our President has been investing in Real Estate in Northern California since 2002.  We purchase between 3-6 houses per month now in 2016.  We have never missed a payment to a lender, partner, vendor, supplier, or contractor.  We are one of very few full time Northern California Real Estate Investors to have never had a foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy, or missed payment to a lender.  


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