The common wisdom about how to avoid? Don’t get in over your head with debt. Keep an emergency fund of six months salary. Live frugally. For the person who is currently treading water in a sea of debt or who is saddled with a home that has declined significantly in value, this advice is hard … Continued

If you Are in Financial Difficulties…

We don’t know what your current personal financial situation is. Nor the condition of your house. Here’s something to think about. Chances Are You’re Reading This For One of Three or Four Good Reasons. First, you may have fallen on hard times. If anything, the current economy has taken any shame out of this position. … Continued

Tips to Repair Credit

After foreclosure or short sale, you will want to repair your credit.  Selling your house or being relieved of your mortgage obligation may have eliminated much of your debt, but your house payment was probably not your only delinquent obligation. As enticing as it is to work with a company that promises a quick credit repair, … Continued

Time for Short Sale or Foreclosure

Difference between Short Sale and Foreclosure. Whether you’re a buyer, borrower or seller, a short sale and foreclosure both present different advantages and challenges. What Is A Foreclosure in General ? In simple terms, a foreclosed home is one in which the owner is unable to make his mortgage loan payments and the bank repossesses the home. … Continued

Talk to Your Lender to Stop Foreclosure

You may be able to stop foreclosure by selling your house to a company that will pay you cash and buy it quickly. If you’re facing foreclosure, you may be asking yourself if giving your house back to the bank is the wisest decision. It may be. However you may have other options. This article … Continued

Short Sales Are Usually Not Short

There are a number of reasons why you may be looking to sell your home fast. Your home may need repairs you can’t afford. You may have inherited a house you simply can’t afford to maintain. Or you may have a job opportunity in another part of the country and you need to sell your … Continued

Facing Foreclosure? Absolutely Ask these Questions.

If you’re facing foreclosure, you are probably feeling extremely overwhelmed. To add to the stress of it all, researching the foreclosure process online hasn’t made you feel any better. There’s a lot of information out there from many different sources, and no one has time to read it all. Are you worried you’re missing something important or … Continued