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Untitled2Untitled1Have you Googled ‘how to stage your home for sale’ and come up overwhelmed?   The joys of homeownership come to a head when you decide to put it on the market.  At that point, you truly no longer ‘own’ your home – it has become open season for all critics – the future buyer.  Your goal is to get top dollar, as quickly as possible and enjoy the profits of the sale.   Here is a series of low and no cost staging tips from a professional interior designer that are sure to boost profit and reduce days on the market. 


Take the photograph of these spaces at night, to see how much light you might need to add to your space during the selling process.   Many homes lack overhead lighting in the bedrooms, or if they exist are harsh light from ceiling fans.   Shorter days do come, and your bedrooms need to be bright and cheerful in low light conditions of winter.   The bedrooms should consist only of the bed, 2 flanking nightstands with lamps, dresser or desk for children and perhaps side chair and table for reading if there is ample room.   Dark and immature colors do not do bedrooms justice so repaint to neutral and freshen pillows and bedding, even from Walmart if the budget is tight.   Make sure the lamps give off ample light with bright white shades that match.  Window treatments are OK as long as they are in fresh condition and not torn or ripped and open when you’re showing the home.  In the closets remove and store offsite any extra clothing and un-used items, make sure shelves are clean and you can see the back of every closet in the home, including the pantry.   You will feel less stress during the move with a de-cluttered home.

Garages and Sheds:

Regardless of the lady of the house, the garage still sells the home for the man.   More often than not, a great showing house will fall down when the garage door is opened and all of the home’s stored contents come crashing off a shelf.   Please edit the garage contents, keeping room for what the space was intended for originally.   This might be one of the most painful spaces for staging however there is payoff in the end.   Garages aren’t being built any larger these days so if you have one, show it off well.  Sheds count in the same category.  Put a flower box on it and freshen the exterior.  Organize the interior and if possible, create a planting table inside with space for an avid gardener to pot plants or store tools.  An inexpensive sheet of pegboard will go miles in a garage or a shed for organizing.   Sweep all floors and corners of debris and cobwebs and make sure all light bulbs are bright and functioning.    This might be the most unloved area of the home, yet the one that can leave a lasting impression.

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