Picnicking Anytime (After You Sell your House Fast)

July is National Picnic Month but anytime is a great time for a picnic!  If you’re preparing your home for a fast sale, you might be too busy working your way through this list of tasks to enjoy an outdoor picnic. But if you’d like to incorporate a bit of the picnic theme into all those chores and projects around the house, here’s how to do it when preparing your home for a fast sale:

1. Paint a fresh, light, neutral color on the walls. The second greatest impact on home buyers is paint color. While certainly not a neutral, if you’re a fan of the color green (here’s looking at you, Kermit), Sherwin Williams actually has an interior paint color named “picnic.” If you’d like to create more drama and go with a bright green, Behr offers “park picnic.” Benjamin Moore has a blue-washed color called “picnic basket” that would create a nice spa-look in a bathroom.

2. Paint the kitchen & bathroom cabinets white or off white. Put a picnic table in your eating area. This cobalt blue one adds some personality. Or cover the table you already have with a checkered tablecloth.

express_homebuyers_beach_style_dining3. Paint an ugly fireplace surround and the interior of the fireplace. Celebrate your accomplishment by roasting marshmallows.

4. Install new, coordinating light fixtures through the entire home.

5. Install new hardware (door knobs, kitchen cabinet pulls, bathroom vanity pulls, light switch covers).

use picnic type baskets when preparing your home for a fast sale6. Use wicker baskets for storage. Picnic type baskets can hold magazines, books, throw blankets or electronic equipment remote controls. In the bathroom, use a picnic silverware basket to hold your hair styling products and keep counters clear.

7. Install new carpeting or professionally steam clean current carpeting if it is in good condition.

8. Install new, coordinating exterior features, such as lights, house numbers, mailbox, porch paint, welcome mat, potted plants. If you have an outdoor patio or porch area, you can create a picnic-like feel by using hanging lanterns or pendant lights. Install new lighting when preparing your home for a fast sale

9. Update to granite kitchen counters and stainless steel or paneled kitchen appliances, which are much preferred over white or black appliances.

10. Glaze those pink and green bathroom tubs, sinks and tiles. While pink and green are perfect for a picnic watermelon, most buyers will be turned off by these colors in the bathroom. So if your bathroom can’t be renovated, consider glazing. You can use this technique on everything except  the toilet and it will give the bathroom an entirely new look.

Once you’ve got those important tasks crossed off your list and you’ve got your home in optimal shape for a fast sale, you can pack up and enjoy a summer picnic at the park.

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