Landscaping Matters!

Everyone wants to both sell a house quickly and get the most they can for their home. You’ve heard about curb appeal and how important it is to make a good first impression when potential buyers reach your property. But before you head to the local nursery to pick up a few bright flowers to add to the front porch, it’s worth considering how proper landscaping can affect the value of your home, and its ultimate sales price.

First of all, bright flowers are nice, but not the whole story. Studies show that good landscaping can increase a home’s value by as much as 12%.  Lifestyles in the United States have changed over the past couple of decades, and outdoor living areas have become an extension of the main home. Outdoor rooms with built-in kitchens and fireplaces are commonplace in model homes for new developments. While it’s not necessary or even wise, to perform a major renovation of your yard to sell, understanding the role your yard plays in the buyer’s mind can help you make a few strategic changes and increase your profits.

Native Plants

As we become increasingly conscious of environmental issues, more home owners are replacing their yards with native plants. Not only do these plants suit the surroundings better than forcing a cactus in New England, they require less maintenance and attention.

Outdoor Lighting

Proper and attractive outdoor lighting has reached the top of buyers’ must-have lists. Tasteful outdoor lighting can add interest and usefulness to your yard, allowing owners to enjoy the yard in the evening hours. Proper lighting also provides a deterrent to intruders and contributes to overall safety.


Keep fences in good condition when you want to sell a house quickly
If your property is in a community which includes fencing between properties, it’s important to make sure the fence is attractive and in good condition. Replace or repair any breaches and damage ahead of time.

Garden Accents

Simple additions to your yard can create an image of lifestyle which attracts buyers. Consider adding a fountain or other garden art piece, but please no pink flamingos or concrete deer. Staging should include a BBQ and outdoor dining area to demonstrate the ability to spend time outside.


YoKeep walkways and entranceways looking good to sell a house quicklyur buyers will be walking on your walkways. They should be in good condition and well lit. The approach to the home is the first thing buyers will see and it sets the tone for the home tour. Provide a graceful entrance to your property.

Retaining Walls and Terraces

This can be a larger project, but it could save you thousands of dollars when you sell. The purpose of retaining walls and terracing is to ensure proper drainage on the property. Nothing repels a buyer quicker than evidence of water pooling in the yard.

Vegetable and Herb Gardens

It is not important that you have a flourishing vegetable garden ready to go, but if you are redesigning your back yard a bit, consider adding some beds for a vegetable or herb garden. Sustainable micro-farming is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. Offer your buyers a way to incorporate home grown produce and herbs by adding a few redwood beds.

Staging your home for sale can create an image in the buyer’s mind of the lifestyle your home offers. It’s just as important to consider the outdoor living options as it is to declutter your family room. While this is not the time to add a swimming pool, a weekend or two of effort can add thousands of dollars to your bottom line when you sell.

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