Jackpot! 21 Things to do in Summer to Sell Fast

21 Things You Can Do This Summer Instead Of Waiting For Your Home To Sell Fast, besides scrubbingThe summer season is upon us and you’ve decided you want to sell your house fast. If you’re going to list it on the market, you need to get it in tip top shape first. You’ll need to clean and scrub, paint and repair, update and renovate. If you want top dollar, your house needs to be in immaculate condition. Depending on what kind of shape your house is in now, upgrading it could take several weeks and thousands of dollars.

Next you need to find the right real estate agent. Of course you want someone who can help you get the best possible sales price with the best possible terms. So you need to do your homework first and then interview several agents. Ask for data to support their claims to be the “best, most experienced agent in the area.” The “right” agent should be able to bring a printout of their closed sales. See how many transactions they have really done. See how the final sales price compares to the initial listing price. How good are they at getting the highest possible price? How quickly did these sales close? Did most of them close in 30 days? How long are their listings typically on the market?

Then you’ll sit back and wait, possibly for months, for the right buyer to come along. All the while keeping your home looking neat, tidy and unlived in, even though you are living there.

You'll have to keep your home immaculate while waiting for your home to sell

If that’s how you want to spend your summer, go right ahead. But wouldn’t you rather have fun?

Here are 21 things you can do this summer instead of waiting and hoping for your home to sell fast.

  1. Lie on the beach
  2. Hike in the mountains You could be hiking instead of waiting for your home to sell
  3. Visit the Grand Canyon
  4. Go to Europe
  5. Read a good book
  6. Make lemonade
  7. Take an afternoon nap in the hammock
  8. Take the kids swimming
  9. Picnic in the park
  10. Take a bike ride
  11. Hit some antique stores
  12. Go wine tasting
  13. Learn to paint
  14. Sail on a lake
  15. Take a road trip
  16. Garden
  17. BBQ
  18. Enjoy a summer concert in the park
  19. Take a cruise
  20. Relax

And maybe the best of all:

  1. Unpack in your brand new home.

Instead of going through all that hassle of scrubbing, painting and repairing, interviewing real estate agents and sitting around waiting for your house to sell, another option is to sell your home to a reputable local property buyer like 1-844-Exit-As-Is, Inc..

Curious about how the process works and want to see what we can pay you for your house? Give us a call today at (844) 394-8274. We’ll ask a few basic questions about your house and make you an offer in only seven minutes. You’re under no obligation at all! If the price works for you, you can close on YOUR timeline, in as few as seven days.

You’ll have more time to enjoy one, or all, of those 21 things that are undoubtedly more fun than waiting for your home to sell fast the traditional way.


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