Mortgage payment not going to be made next month?

Mortgage payment not going to be made? This is the question that 60,000 Americans struggle to answer, right before their home appears on the foreclosure market. You may even be sitting there and asking yourself the same question right now. If this is the situation you’re going through, it’s important to realize that all is … Continued


The common wisdom about how to avoid? Don’t get in over your head with debt. Keep an emergency fund of six months salary. Live frugally. For the person who is currently treading water in a sea of debt or who is saddled with a home that has declined significantly in value, this advice is hard … Continued

Not All House Buying Companies Are the Same!!

To Help You Make Sure You’re Dealing With a Reputable House Buying Company!  After all, at some level, it’s a home you’re selling. Here are a few things to look for in a company that buys houses: 1. Does the Company Have an Office? Has the buyer told you where their offices are located? You … Continued

If you Are in Financial Difficulties…

We don’t know what your current personal financial situation is. Nor the condition of your house. Here’s something to think about. Chances Are You’re Reading This For One of Three or Four Good Reasons. First, you may have fallen on hard times. If anything, the current economy has taken any shame out of this position. … Continued

Don’t Get Scammed

They’re here. They’re real. And, as usual, they can be very, very clever. Scam #1 – The “Helping Hand” Company We ran across this particular trap about two years ago – it came from the Better Business Bureau and it’s a doosie. These companies look like the “We Buy Wretched Houses” companies that pepper the … Continued

Time to Say Goodbye?

Selling your house can be one of the most difficult decisions you’ll ever make.  A home comes to mean much more to its owner than just four walls and a roof: for many, it represents comfort, safety and family, as well as a substantial investment.  Letting go of a piece of property can feel like … Continued

Tight Budget Tips

When you go to sell your home, you may be very aware of what real estate agents always say: Fix up your home to get the best price. The recommendations run the gamut from fresh paint to a new kitchen.   suggests that you put up to 15% of your home’s value into improvements.  If you … Continued

Talk to Your Lender, It Can Help

If you are in trouble with your mortgage payment, you may be applauding recent government programs to help you negotiate a loan modification.  You may have already been helped through Making Home Affordable or through a similar program at your bank.  Now with recent program changes that encourage principle reduction and offer help making payments when you … Continued

A Fresh Start

One of life’s biggest ironies is that there is more help available for those who don’t need it than those who do. The higher your credit score, the lower your interest rate. If you are doing well and have been able to keep your credit score high and your debt low, you will be rewarded with a … Continued

Behind but Rented

The banks sent you “payment overdue” notices and now you want to put your house up for sale. Obviously! You want to sell your home fast – to avoid foreclosure. Ideally, you hope for your asking price, but at this point, you’re even considering a short sale. The problem… You have tenants in your house who pay rent regularly. Can you actually sell the … Continued