Investor or Dealer?

The technicalities of whether you’re a real estate investor or dealer might not seem significant to you. But it matters a lot to the IRS. That’s why it’s important for you to know in which category your business falls, so you’re not caught off guard at tax time. Real Estate Investor Real estate investors purchase real … Continued

Face it, Your Home Might Stink.

Have you seen the commercial for Febreze? It warns of going “noseblind” to smells in your home. That’s a great description for what happens when you live with odors in your home that you just don’t notice any longer. But if your home is listed for sale, your buyers are not “noseblind” to those unpleasant … Continued

Why Sell to 844-Exit-As-Is?

Why would any sane person take less than full market value for their house? They must be crazy. Perhaps 1-844 Exit-As-Is, Inc.  duped or cheated them into selling their house. These are the types of questions and comments we see on social media all the time. And it’s possible that even if you’ve not asked … Continued

Pests Can Sink a Sale Fast!

April is designated as Pest Management Month because spring is the time of year that pests begin to multiply. Even though the month is almost over, pests can continue to invade your home and rattle your sanity any time of year. And selling your house fast when it’s infested with pests is certainly difficult. Pests … Continued