Been Putting It Off? Spruce up Your Home Now!


Summer is a great time to spruce up your home and if you’ve been putting it off, there’s no better time to get started than now. If you’re thinking “I may want to find someone to buy my house, so I should make some updates,” here are a few projects that will be well worth your time and effort.


Whether you’re painting inside or out, you can’t go wrong using neutral tones. Grays are particularly desirable because they convey a feeling of calm as well as luxury. Not a fan of gray? Beige and taupe shades work well too.

For exterior painting jobs or in rooms with high ceilings, it’s best to hire a professional so you don’t risk life and limb.


If you want a clear view of your outdoor space, clean your windows! Not only will you have the pleasure of cleanliness, you’ll also enjoy more light in your indoor space. It’s surprising how many people go years without cleaning their windows and it does make a noticeable difference.

You can use a simple vinegar and water mixture and wipe them down with either crumpled newspaper or a microfiber cloth.

If your windows are very old, you may find them difficult to open. Perhaps the frames have been carelessly painted. Otherwise, you may find water damage to be the cause. Bob Vila offers you a few remedies in this article.

Depending on the age and condition of your windows, you may even consider replacing them. Summer is a far better time to have window installers removing and installing new windows than during the cold winter months.


Caulk not only protects the exterior of your home from the elements, it also helps keep it air-tight, which translates to lower utility bills. Summer is the ideal season to undertake this project because you certainly don’t want to be out there doing it in the bitter cold of winter or during a wet autumn or spring. Begin your caulking around windows and doors first. For homes with a wooden exterior, use clear caulk between any slats that are separating or open.


You can’t beat the combination of enjoying the outdoors and getting some chores done at the same time. Installing or repairing a backyard patio can be one of the top DIY home improvement projects. And once you’re finished, you get to relax in your very own backyard oasis. It can be a great space for entertaining while you live there. Then when it’s time to sell your house fast, it’ll make an impression on home buyers who want to buy your house and enjoy that space themselves.

Now is the time to reseal, stain or paint your wood deck or fence. It’s easy enough to do yourself and you’ll only spend a couple hundred dollars on supplies and rented tools. If you do it every two or three years, you can get a long life out of your deck and fence. If you don’t, you’ll end up spending thousands to replace them sooner than you otherwise would.

stain the deck to get someone to buy my house

If you’d like to create a pest-free backyard, recommends skipping dense ground covers (such as ivy and pachysandra) and plants that require a lot of pruning. Plant insect and mosquito-repelling herbs and plants such as lemon balm, mint, bee balm, rosemary, lemon verbena, and pennyroyal instead. Also be mindful when installing water elements and choose gardens and ponds with moving instead of stagnant water.

You can find lots of low cost backyard design ideas on and

Curb Appeal

When you’re marketing your home in an effort to “find someone to buy my house,” curb appeal is essential. What you want to do is stand at the curb at the front of your home and look at the big picture. Envision your house as if it’s on the front of a post card. The front door should attract your eye. Does it need a new coat of paint? Again, summer is the time to do it.

You want your lawn to be thick and green, without weeds. If it’s not, call a lawn service for treatments.

Consider adding a new walkway, especially if you’ve owned your home for a long time. Then add some small green plants and annuals along the sides. A new walkway increases the attractiveness and freshens up the whole front of the home. And depending on the condition of the current walkway, you may improve the safety of visitors as well!


And lastly, look at your shutters. Shutters dress up the house and add to the curb appeal. Additionally, you can close functional shutters, giving you relief from the summer heat. Shutters that are in decent condition may only need a fresh coat of paint. Replace rotting and raggedy shutters; this is a project you can complete in one weekend. Find step by step instructions here.

Though summer is often about relaxing, these five home improvement projects can help you make the most of your indoor and outdoor space, increasing your enjoyment as well as your property’s value when you start looking for who can buy my house.

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