7 Tips For Making Your House More Attractive To Buyers

While the reasons people want to sell their home are as varied as a cafe’s specialty coffee choices, there is one thing they all have in common. They want the best offer for their house in the fastest and easiest way possible. Here are seven tips to help you optimize your house’s attractiveness.

Sales Tip #1: Make Sure the Price is Right!

secrets to selling your house fastIt is critical to understand the housing market in your area. If you don’t, not only do you have a house that sits on the market indefinitely, but you help sell the other homes in the neighborhood that are listed for less. A buyer will come to see your house and after viewing your home, will view the neighbor’s home. The properly priced home suddenly become a better value to buyers and they end up buying that one. Your home then sits on the market longer and longer and can become “stale.”

To find the right listing price, you need to answer some critical questions. Are you in a seller’s market or a buyer’s market? What are the homes in your area selling for currently? To answer these questions you can look at sales data to gain an unbiased viewpoint of what your home should sell for based on other comparable home sales in the area. Aim for a middle number in the price range of homes similar to yours. If you need the home to move faster, drop to the bottom 25% of comparable homes. If your buyers are savvy, they will be looking at similar data and will quickly spot an overpriced home. Setting the price too high is the best thing you can do to sell your neighbor’s home, and the worst thing you can do to sell yours.

Sales Tip #2: No Offers/Contracts? Cut the price!

secrets to selling your house fastAvoid the trap of accumulating the cobwebs of inactivity and having your home listed for months on the market.

Many people develop an emotional attachment to their homes. It’s only natural, as the house often holds many memories. However, sometimes that means people believe their home is worth more than the market will pay or are reluctant to drop the price. If you aren’t getting buyer action, you need to cut the price. While many sellers are reluctant to take this step, it is much worse to have your home sit on the market for long periods of time. If your home has been seen by 10 buyers and you haven’t received an offer, it is time to lower the price.

Homes that don’t sell quickly cause buyers and their agents to question your property and ask why it isn’t selling. They may decide your property isn’t worth a visit because they’re worried something is wrong with it. This skepticism continues to compound the longer a house sits on the market. Instead, when you aren’t getting any interest, drop your price to a level that does attract attention.

Sales Tip #3: If it’s broken, fix it!

secrets to selling your house fastSelling your home may take a bit of elbow grease and coin, but it’s necessary when selling to today’s discriminating buyers.

Many buyers are only interested in homes that are in move-in condition. They don’t want to have to deal with a misaligned closet door, leaky sink, or cracked window when they’re trying to move and get settled in their new home. Also, if people see something broken, they may question how well the home was cared for and worry about the integrity of the less obvious things they can’t see. If something in your home needs repair, you need to fix it before listing it on the market. Leaving something broken passes the problem on to the new owners. If they have a lot of choices, your home will be pushed to the bottom of the pile of prospects. Fixing these issues yourself or hiring a handyman to bring everything back to working order will go a long way to getting top dollar for your home.

Sales Tip #4: Be Flexible!

Sometimes selling your house has less to do with your physical property and more with how you interact with potential buyers.

When a buyer is interested in your property, be as accommodating as possible. For example, if you want to close in three months, but the buyers want you to move out immediately, figure out a way to make it happen.

It’s also a good idea to remove sentimental items from your home prior to showing so that the buyer won’t request that they stay when you move out. When there are multiple real estate choices, buyers can afford to be picky. If you seem difficult to work with and there’s another home on their list with a more motivated seller, you will lose out. Remember, even though you may not see them, you are in a tough competition with other sellers. Be polite, flexible, and likable, and you will become a buyer’s top choice.

Sales Tip #5: Two Words – Home Staging

secrets to selling your house fastSeek an outside opinion on how your home appeals to an unbiased observer.

How do the pros sell houses? They pay a professional to stage their house and put it at the best aesthetic advantage to court buyers. The house may get a fresh coat of neutral paint, have furniture removed or replaced, and have all decor arranged to help the home show better. Showcasing tasteful furnishings, fresh paint, and new carpeting can help buyers see themselves in your home living the luxurious life.

But, do you really get your money’s worth when you pay someone to stage your home? One company’s statistics show that staged homes sell for an average of 17% more than non-staged homes. Also, the staged homes are on the market an average of 11 days, while non-staged homes linger for 90 days or more. With that kind of return on investment, it’s worth getting a professional opinion.

Sales Tip #6: Make their five senses sing!

secrets to selling your house fastStimulate all of the senses to create an atmosphere that makes buyers feel like they’re already home.

When buyers set foot in your home, make sure you woo every one of their senses. Visually, the home should be de-cluttered and clean. To literally make music in their ears, you can have soft classical music going on as background ambiance. Turn TVs or other annoying noises off. Make sure your home smells clean. Get rid of any offending odors such as kitty litter boxes, dirty laundry, or cigarettes. You can light scented candles or even bake cookies. Coincidentally, the cookies help the buyers leave with a great taste in their mouth if you time your baking to share their gooey goodness straight out of the oven. And, make sure they won’t step in anything sticky or crunchy, or put their hand on a dusty ledge. The home needs to entice on all sensory levels. If your home is pleasing, your buyers will remember the amazing experience and be more open to seeing themselves as the new homeowners.

Sales Tip #7: Curb Appeal is Appealing

secrets to selling your house fastLike it or not, the way your house shows from the street is important.

While you’ve always been taught not to judge a book by its cover, homebuyers don’t seem to make the same connection with real estate. Many buyers won’t even set foot in your home unless they like the outside package. They’ll simply drive right past. Buyers make a judgment on whether they want to view the inside of the home based on how the home looks from their car window or from the pictures. So walk through your neighborhood like a buyer with a critical eye. Does your home stand out? If not, it’s time to get to work and improve that first impression.

Clean the yard and make sure to edge the beds and remove lawn clippings. Plant colorful flowers throughout the front yard and/or place flower pots on the front porch. Remove any peeling paint and fix broken glass. Make sure all kids toys are properly put away.

Implementing these seven tips will certainly help you improve the chances of selling your house quickly, but like many things in life, there are no guarantees. The good news is, if all this cleaning and fixing, staging and waiting sounds like too much work, there is an even faster – and easier – way to sell your house.

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  • Enjoy peace of mind by working with an ethical, honest and reputable company. We are Better Business Bureau accredited with an “A” rating.
  • Rest assured title problems won’t derail the sale.
  • Leave the closing table happy. We are an experienced company that’s been in business since 2003 and bought more than 2,000 homes.

Can it really be this easy? You bet!

Here’s our simple three-step process.

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