1-844-Exit-As-Is Company Overview

Company Overview Video for 1-844-Exit-As-Is Inc.

1-844-Exit-As-Is Company Overview
Video Transcription

We help people through very stressful situations. We help sellers exit as is. They don’t have to do any work. They can sell the property to us. We’ll purchase it with cash, with the tenants in place and they don’t have to do anything.

Lonny Garbrick: And county records shows it’s a three bedroom, two bath.

The main purpose is to help people sell their property in a quick and easy fashion, without dealing with the hassle of listing it, showing it, fixing it. I love what we do.

Andrew Obermark: Again my name is Andrew, calling from 1-844-EXIT-AS-IS.

I do this because I’ve always been in a career where I was helping people. And that to me is the reason why I get every day. And the satisfaction we get from so many people when we do close at escrow and they do get the money in as little as 10-14 days. Just to see that satisfaction is well worth it.

I’m standing in front of the typical a house that 1-844-EXIT-AS-IS purchases in as is condition. So as we walk through, you’re going to see the type of houses that we buy and the condition that we purchase them in. As you can see, the tenant damaged this property. Here’s an example of tenants and then leaving behind items and we go ahead and take care of all of that.

We help sellers of real estate sell their property quickly, relieving them of having to do any repairs or having any out-of-pocket expenses.

Lonny Garbrick: By going through us, we alleviate that pain that … I should say hassle. And you just get a check from us. Makes it a lot easier, right?

We act a lot like CarMax does for cars. Just like CarMax, you can get your check right there. Same thing with us. You can get your check within about seven days.

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